Ruffled shoulder bag

I made a ruffled shoulder bag out of the Starbella yarn but it didn’t look anything like the picture. It was so thick that when you folded it to sew the seam there was no room inside for the lining or anything else. Has anyone else tried this pattern?

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Can you give us a link to the pattern you used?

Here is the versionn I used. I followed the pattern exactly though it is vague at time.

Yes, there is a little murkiness about the size of the bag. It should be about 20" wide and 10 " deep and yet you’re told to knit until you have 16". I assume the bag is formed by folding over the length and seaming up the sides. Have you followed the method for knitting with this yarn? You stretch out the strand and knit into the top loops opposite the ribbon side.

The method here for the scarf is basically the same one you’re using except that you have more stitches. It should be fairly loose and not thick at all.
Can you post a picture of your bag?

i actually unraveled it to start again. I know with the scarves you knit in every second or third loop but that part is not very clear in this pattern. I was going to try with a bigger needle and skip a few loops in between stitches and see how that goes. At least its a fast knit so don’t feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time.

OK, yes larger needles may help. From the video, it looks like it’s knit into every loop but skipping loops may help loosen it up too.