Ruffled Scarf - My Monday Morning Projecy

Here is my Monday Morning Project. I am please with the outcome, considering I used several different methods to make it and all with the same result. I started out with The Knook, that was ok, but I have not worked with that too much yet. Then continued with crocheting off a knitting needle - pretty much the same as the knook but there was more stability. Finally, I continued and completed just knitting, which it not really “my thing”, but it was the most comfortable and fastest method for me. Hope you enjoy!

Your project sounds [I]very[/I] interesting.

We’d love to see a picture of it, but you may not be able to post pictures just yet (not enough posts in the forum). You can reply to your message, though, and see if it will let you post pictures now.

I love your scarf! You did a great job on it! :cheering:

And, as you said, it does look like you used only one method throughout, which is pretty neat.

Beautiful. I love an experiment with such a happy ending.

It turned out beautifully. What was the yarn that you used?

Very, very pretty!

Wow very fancy and pretty!

Beautiful. Have wanted to try one of these myself. You are inspiring me.

What a pretty bit of girlyness! :cheering:

The yarn used is Samba Glitz - Camel/Silver. I purchased it at They have such a nice assortment of many different types of scarf yarns. I get all of my yarn for scarf making from them. They have great prices, fast service, the best selection of single skein scarf yarns for purchase and the BEST purpose. I made the scarf as a new item to debut at a craft show and sold it in the first hour. I completed another one in Green Shades (for St. Patty’s Day) and sold that one also.

A very interesting scarf, for sure! Wonderful work!