Ruffled dress

Hello, I started knitting a ruffled dress for my daughter’s 1st year birthday, which is March 20th. I have never knitted a dress before but the dress is so cute and I really want to make it.
The bottom of the dress is ruffled and has 3 layers in the back. And I am stuck with the instruction written down.

Here it is;

P32, with WS of Middle Ruffle against RS of Back k tog first st of Ruffle with next st of Back, [k tog next st of Ruffle with next st of Bacl] 22 times, p to end.

I already knitted the Top Ruffle (15sts) and Middle Ruffle (23 sts).

If someone has any idea, would you please help me?

Are the ruffles and the back seperate pieces?

It sounds to me like what are you going to do is slip the first stitch of the ruffle onto the left kneedle and then knit those two stitches together. Then you are going to slip the second stitch of the ruffle onto the left needle and knit those stitches together.

Is that what you are having trouble with, or were you having trouble with the WS/RS stuff?

I’m guessing that the 32 stitches you purl at the beginning of this row are part of the back (or the whole dress if it is knit in one piece) of the dress. You work across them.

You should have the 23 stitches of the ruffle still on a needle (or put them back on one if you have taken them off). Take that needle and hold it up parallel to the needle you have been knitting off of. Hold it like it says so that the WS of the ruffle is touching the RS of the dress. In other words both the ruffle and the dress pieces are facing you with their right sides up, and the ruffle on top.

You need to have the ruffle on the needle it is on so that when you hold it up parallel to the dress needle that both needles have their business ends at the same end. Then begin to knit the ruffle onto the dress by inserting your RH needle through the first stitch of the ruffle and on through the next stitch of the dress which is held on the back needle. You then knit the two stitches off as one, joining the ruffle to the dress. Keep knitting across the ruffle matching each of its stitches to a stitch of the dress and knitting them as one. When you have the whole ruffle joined to the dress purl on across the row.

As I carefully read what you guys wrote,
I could put two layers of ruffle on main ruffle. I wanted to show you how it looks like but I couldn’t upload my photo from my i phone :frowning:

thank you sooooo much for your help:hug: