Ruffled Brim Baby Hat

I just finished making this cute baby hat, using Berroco Lullaby yarn. Here’s the pattern I used. I love it!

I don’t even think it needs a ribbon added in the eyelet row!

But, I’ll probably add one anyway. :teehee:

That’s adorable! I’ve been looking for a cute hat pattern for a new baby girl, and I love this one! Pretty colors, too. Thanks for posting.

It is really cute!

Ahhhh that’s so cute. I love it. Thanks for sharing.:slight_smile:

Thanks for posting–I love it. I’ve been looking for a ruffled hat for a newborn and this is what I need.


Very cute! :thumbsup:

That’s so cute!:inlove:

And I love your “model” :teehee:, I bet she’s very cooperative!:wink:

Just adorable.
Thanks for the link:)

Awww how cute!

It’s adorable and I saved the pattern too. Since I have a granddaughter on the way :slight_smile:

I’m so glad you all like the hat as much as I do!

It was a fast, easy knit too!

:heart:Love that hat! it’s adorable:heart:

Sandy…I LOVE it!:inlove:

I’m making a baby blanket right now for a friend at work. I’ve been on the lookout for a cute hat, sweater, & booties to gift with it. This is perfect!

Thanks for posting…it is beautiful;)

Very cute! Off to put in my Ravelry queue. Don’t you just love that site!!

I’ll definitely be making more hats with that pattern.
It’s a KEEPER! :thumbsup:

And wildforyarn, YES! I’m ADDICTED to Ravelry!

Aww!! Lovely hat! :heart:

Aawww! Isn’t that sweet!

That’s adorable! I like the ruffle:heart:

Awww, too cute.

That’s super adorable.