Ruffle help

I’m making some longies [pants] that I want to end with a ruffle but I’m having a hard time figuring out how to do it. I know that you are suppose to inc in every or every other stitch BUT what kind of inc do you use? How many rows do you inc for?

PLEASE help me. I’ve been to 3 different communities and I just can’t find the answer.


what exactly does the pattern say?
if it just says increase, use your preferred method
usually as long as you stay consistent it will work

Yes, you can inc in every st, knit a row or round plain, then increase in every st next row. Do this for as long as you want the ruffle. An alternative is to inc every st in every row for more ruffle. You might want to practice over about 30 sts to see which method you like better. You can use kfb, or m1 incs or do YOs for a lacier ruffle.

Thank you both.

Sunny, i’m not following a pattern. I just wanted to add them for cuteness. :slight_smile:

Sue, thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Hehe I see. I like improvising like that too.
Sometimes I have done like Sue said, and tried a couple different approaches. Every st increase sounds good but then on the project ends up looking too bunched or too sudden. I have backed out of rows like that and tried other solutions, like every other st or inc in a set pattern so they work in better.

It depends on the size of the needle and yarn, and what sort of effect you’re going for. Every other stitch would be good too.

I’m using purewool with size 6 DPN’s. I just want a cute ruffle for the bottom cuff of some pants for a newborn.


Do you have pix of FO’s you’ve done?

No, sorry. Most of those items were made prior to our move in 2001. We had people “helping” us pack. Only their way of “packing” was throwing everything, including clothing, shoes, textbooks my girls were in grades 7 and 9 at the time and more into the garbage.

We lost more in that move and it was only 1.25 miles down the road, than we lost in the rest of our moves together, even when we moved from NY to NM.

I am just getting back into knitting again.

The new stuff on my siggy is in “Whatcha Knittin’” except the afghan.

Aw, I’m sorry. I hate it when you lose stuff when you move. Glad you are knitting again. :slight_smile:

The stupid thing is we had from Nov 1, 2001 to Dec 31, 2001 to move, because our lease ran out on Dec 31 and the house was available to start moving into on the 1st but we didn’t actually move in until the 11th of Nov. With all that time - and only 1.25miles down the road, there was no need for the rush job.

We would have been better off moving on our own except major furniture… If you are that lazy that you can’t pack correctly, don’t help at all.

People have asked to see my checkerboard afghans, but it is a dreary, rainy overcast day. My little camera does best in natural light not with the flash, so I’ll have to wait for another day to try to take pics of the completed jumbo sized one, and the WIP.

I can’t wait to see the pix. :slight_smile:
I hate packing and unpacking. But it is alot easier when it’s done the right way from the get go.