Ruby Slippers w/Sensations Splendor Red

Has anyone made the ruby slippers with this yarn? I fell in love with it at JoAnn’s yesterday because it had red glitter in it.

It’s a little fuzzy but I figured I’d give it a try.


When you say ‘ruby slippers’ are they sparkley like ‘The’ ruby slippers? Or is this something completely different?

I’m talking about the over the rainbow little red baby shoes. I just call them “ruby slippers” and expect everyone to know what I’m talking about! :oops:

do you have a pattern? also, i would think as long as the slippers are for a baby who isn’t walking, any yarn should work ( slippery or ‘furry’ yarns might be harder to walk in on some floors) :mrgreen:

Here it is!

I also found this. A cute way to package them!


how adorable! have you knit these before? would they be easy to make bigger?

Those are so CUUUUUUTE! ACK! I love knitting baby stuff but the only preggo girl I know is having a boy. I need someone to have a baby girl NOW!

Those are so cute!!

I want pair! They are the cutest little things! I love ‘The Wizard Oz’, I made a pair of ruby slippers as a kid by gluing glitter onto a pair of red slippers, I couldn’t understand why my mum was so cross!

I love the red glittery yarn, if you ever work out how to make a pair for an adult let me know!