Ruby Red Garter stitch shawl

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Sorry i have not been on lately . Life has just taken over with lots going on . You know how it is ?
I have just finished a garter stitch shawl for an elderly neighbour . I attched a lace edge which i knitted seperately . Love it :slight_smile:

I hope you are all ready for Christmas :heart:

As always, anything you knit is beautiful…and this wonderful red shawl is no exception! It is BEAUTIFUL! The crocheted edging is an especially nice touch!!!

How sweet of you! It’s really pretty!

Thank you so much for your lovely comment. The edge on the shawl is actually knitted .:muah:

Knitted edge!!?? Oh, that is even MORE WONDERFUL then!
I am sure your elderly neighbor will LOVE this shawl! It is so nice! Red is a very happy color! :heart: And garter stitch is very sturdy, and warm! Heck, I’d love it for myself!!!

This is just gorgeous, Rita! I, too, love that edging and evenmoreso since it’s knitted! Beautiful color and such a lucky neighbor…she will be so pleased with it!!!

I agree! It’s just beautiful! Love the color and especially the gorgeous edging! Great job!

Beautiful and elegant in it’s simplicity. Your neighbor will cherish this.

It’s beautiful!

How lovely! And so sweet of you, too :slight_smile: