Ruby Bear

Is there any particular way to sew a seam. In other words, can you put the seam together like a hem stitch or does it have to be in a sewn pattern? It is for the back of the Ruby Bear. It will be on the inside anyways.

Thank you, KSH

There are many ways to seam so you can try your favorite. Mattress stitch is particularly nice
but you can do a simple back stitch with the right sides facing each other.

Thank you so very much Salmonmac. I really thought this was a Stupid question at first. Now I can say out there to all you New knitter ’ s out there ---- NEVER think what you are asking is a Stupid question. When KH says there is no stupid question, I can actually say they are telling the truth. After all, seeing is believing!!:woot:

Again thank you Salmonmac