Ruby Bear

Hi my name is KSH and I am new to KN.

I am knitting a “Ruby Bear” Premier Yarns Pattern at with red velvet wool yarn 6 weight, size 9 needles. I am working on the body of the bear. I have already casted 18 and pulled and increase to 36 as well as Inc every other st for a total of 54 st in my row. I may sound like I know knitting, but I am not very good at it especially reading patterns. I know some basics from years ago. I will most likely need lots of help with this.

Now I need help with row 6-28: work even in St st. and row 29: (shape tummy) k20, [k2tog, k1] 4 times, k2og, 20 -49 sts.

I would appreciate any and all help to understand this. Thank you for accepting me to your site and helping me.
KSH :woot:

To work even , means no increase or decrease until you reach row 29. On row 29, it instructs you to start shaping the stomach by decreasing like this, knit 20 stitches, then {K2stitches together , K1} 4 times. You will repeat the instructions in the brackets 4 times one after the other . When the 4th decrease is made, you resume knitting even , no increase or decrease. The 4 decreases will form a little pouch area that when stuffed will round out like a protruding stomach. It will work, just trust the instructions.

Ruby Bear pattern

How cute!

I want to thank you for your fast reply and simplicity of my pattern answer Daylillydazed:cheering:

I would like to thank you Daylilydazed :cheering: for your fast reply and the simplicity of the pattern answer. :grphug:

Sincerely, KSH


It is a lovely pattern KSH.

I am glad I could help. many times I wished someone would help me like that when I was learning to knit. I had to struggle on by myself. I learned to knit before there were computers on the scene.