RT Right Twist

Hello all! I am making Bas-Relief Blanket by Valley Yarns and the way it says to do a RT is different than what I am used to. :Please help me out with this. It says slip2 sts as if to knit 2 together, slip these sts back to left needle in this new crossed order and knit them through their back loops. What I need help with is when you slip the two stitches and then return them to the left needle they are in the same order. Do I put the stitches back different? Please help!

You slip them from left to right as if you’re going to knit. Then turn your needle tips point to point again (its like a half turn to the left) and slip them to the other needle. Now Ktbl.

You should actually take both stitches, as knitted - like… start to make a k2tog, but instead of wrap some yarn on the needle when you insert it into the stitches, just take those two stitches on your right needle. The way they are when you inserted the right needle for the k2tog. Now put them back - not the way you took them, just regular, normal purl-wise. Now your second - before - stitch is first and the first is second. OK, this part is like a cable stitch. But they are also twisted. If you work them normally, you would get a twisted cable. So you knit them through the back loop. What you will came up with is a decrease with a opposite slope to the normal k2tog. This is maybe one of the… well, numerous ways to do it - and they are all very similar, but also slightly different in looks.