Hi, I’m working on my first pattern that’s not a scarf (a baby blanket), and I’m struggling a bit. The instructions are to K 8rows (ok, easy, done), and then (RS)K 1row. I understand that this means right side, but I don’t understand what to do with the information lol.

Can anyone help me out?


Could you post more of the instructions? Is the ‘(RS) K 1 row’ the beginning of a stitch pattern of some sort? What follows this? Are the 8 rows of K a border?


It just means that the next row after your 8 rows of garter will be the RS of the st pattern. So mark it and you will know which is which especially if later on it says to do something specific on the rs or ws.

Sorry I wasn’t more descriptive. Yup, the first 8 were a border, and I found out this morning that the RS is just for me to know. I took it as an action for me to do. Thanks for the help!