RS/WS Pattern

Hi all! I’m knitting a vest, and for a number of rows it says to do this:

[RS]: K4, yo, SKP, K2, work in pattern until marker, k8

It has no instructions for the WS though. I started experimenting by just doing the instructions backwards, but it doesn’t seem to be forming a button hole like I expected. I’ve tried googling it to figure it out, but I’m coming up with nothing. What do I do on the WS? Thanks!!

Hi could you provide the name or a link to the pattern? It would help me or one of the others to explain if we could resd the instructions in its entirety because somewhere in the pattetn thete has to be an ecplsnstion for what to do on the (ws).

Hi, thanks for your response! I uploaded the pdf to my google drive, and you can find it here:

The instructions in question were at the bottom of pg 3.

According to the directions you are going to cast on your stitches work the next three rows. Then begin your pattern working 9 rows in pattern for a total of 10 rows. On row 11 you will proceed to do your buttonhole row . The part that you’re questioning is the row following the buttonhole row this row should be the 12th row of you pattern. I hope this helps if you have anymore questions please post them.

So on the 12 row, am I to start with k8 like normal or do I continue the K4 yo SKP K2? Because the pattern maintains an 8-stitch border on either side of the lace, and I’m just not sure what to do with those stitches at row 12.

According to the.pattern it says to maintain the 8 stitches in gsrter on both ends because this for the band and buttonholes. Also remember to replace the bound off stitchs in order to complete the buttonhole.

Actually, this looks like a yarn over buttonhole with its own accompanying decrease, so no stitches to cast on. Even easier.

Thank you salmonmac i didn’t see that.