RS/WS Part 2--beginner question

I posted yesterday asking what RS/WS means and got some very helpful answers, but I have one more question about it…and I apologize in advance if this is a silly question.

When the pattern says (RS) K6, etc. what does that mean for me to do? Does that mean that the right side will be facing me as I knit 6, etc.? Or will it be facing away from me?


There are no silly questions- no apologies needed! :slight_smile:

Your first answer is correct- it means that the right side will be facing you as you knit 6, etc.

Ask away, that’s what we’re here for! :slight_smile:

Yes, it means the right will be facing you as you k6, … It is simply the patterns way of saying that the current side you are working on is the right side, when go to the wrong side or you finish on the wrong side they generally tell you that too. Questions are only silly when you do not ask and you need clarification.

Yes, it’s just letting you know that will be the RS row.