RS vs WS

When I am knnitting, which side is facing me? If the pattern says to finish with a RS row, does that mean the right side is facing me while I’m knitting that row? I hope this question makes sense!
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The side facing you is not always the right side.

The right side of your work is the side you want the world to see when you are wearing your garment.

When knitting in stockinette stitch, the knit side (the one that looks like all Vs) is the right side. The purl side (the bumpy one) is the wrong side.

Reverse stockinette is when the purl side becomes the right side.

Garter stitch is when both sides are knitted. Both side will look the same (bumpy) so you can decide which side of your work is the right side – some people mark the right side of their garter stitch with a safety pin to remember which side is which when it comes to shaping.

When a pattern says finish with a RS row, it means work the row with the right side facing you and when you are finished with that row, the next row in the pattern will be a wrong side row.

Hope this helps!


:slight_smile: Yes, that helps me a lot. I’ve printed your response to keep as a reference. Thank you!

I’m making the Garter Mug Cozies in the Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts magazine. It’s my first time to use the double point needles and I’m very excited with the results. I was afraid to try, but I watched the DVD and on about the fourth try I was able to get the hang of it. I’ve finished one that doesn’t look so great but I’m ready to try it again. Right now, I’m off to work. Even thought it’s not perfect, I’m so pleased that I may try to post a picture of it tonight. :aww:

Thanks again, have a great day!