RS vs WS in Chart

Hi everyone : )

I am knitting the Thomasina Shawl for a Christmas gift. This only is my second time working with a chart, and I’m a bit confused.

The row before starting into the first chart, the pattern says: “WS-Knit across.” However this is the 7th row, so technically isn’t this a RS row? In which case, should I purl (since I understand a WS-knit is a RS-purl)? Or have I gone off the deep end somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

Related to this, when I am reading my chart, odd rows are right side and even rows are wrong side. This seems fairly common. However, when I watched this video, they said that lace patterns are written from the right side perspective. The pattern they showed on the video had blank squares labeled RS-knit and WS-purl. In this pattern, all even rows are blank squares which the legend says “knit.” It doesn’t specify that since this is a wrong row, they are actually purls, so is it just assumed?

I’m sorry this is confusing. I’m not sure how else to ask, but I’m really confused.

Also, I’m using Hawthorne yarn, which is fingering weight and size 9 (5.5mm) circular needles

Thanks for the help!

Charts aren’t rigorously standardized and are particular to the pattern and designer. Videos may then be very helpful but not reflect the peculiarities of your pattern so go with what the pattern and chart are telling you. There should be a legend with the chart and that’s your best guide.

I don’t have this pattern but unless it specifically gave you a RS and WS designation before row 7, I would say that for the rows before the chart begins, row 7 is a WS row. Yes, odd number rows are often RS but not always. Go ahead and knit row 7 and then start the chart.

Charts are written from the right side perspective so that you can see the pattern. Row 1 should be a RS row. If the WS rows are given on the chart, then follow whatever the legend says. Are blank squares always knit or are they “k on the RS, p on the WS”? The pattern or the chart legend will tell you.

Thanks, salmonmac :slight_smile:

That’s good to know about charts. The legend doesn’t have any RS/WS specific instructions so I wanted to make sure that it wasn’t just a standard thing that everyone was assumed to know.

It doesn’t give a RS and WS designation before row 7. It just says “knit 6 rows” but instead of turning on the 6th row, has you turn and pick up the stitches from the garter edge and then the three base stitches. Then “Next row: WS-Knit across.” So this must mean that odd rows are WS.

The legend on the chart just has blank squares as “knit,” no designation for RS or WS. So based on what you’ve said, that’s just knit regardless of the side.

Thanks again!

OK, that all sounds right. The initial rows are making a tab but row 7 sounds like the beginning of the pattern.
See if the pattern looks right when you knit across the even rows, that is, see that it looks like the photo of the shawl.