RS or WS

I have cast on using the ‘long tail’ method, which I like. I have then knitted iaw the pattern eight rows in K1, P1 rib. The next instruction is to change needles for another stich but it tells me that Row 1 of the new stich is a RS, on mine it is now a WS. Help!

Since ribbing is reversible it probably doesn’t make any difference at this point which side is RS or WS. Or you can just do one more row of ribbing to get to the side you think is the RS.

Can you tell us the name of the pattern and provide a link if possible? What is it you’re knitting? Hat, sweater?

Thank you for your reply. I am knitting a hat and the pattern is called Bubblegum by Kristie McLeod from The Collection in the November 2015 Simply Knitting Page 61.

I understand your point that ribbing is reversible but because I have used the thumb ‘long tail’ method of casting on there is a distinct right side, with neat stiches at the bottom and not looped stiches as on the wrong side.

I would be starting the extra row you suggest with a K1, P1 as it would be an odd row. After this the next set of instructions for the new size needles begins with a K1. So instead of a line starting with a K1 following a line starting with a P1 it will be two K1 starts following each other. Would this matter?

I can’t find the pattern. I found a lot by that designer, but none called Bubblegum.

Is it knit in the round or seamed? It could be an error in the pattern or maybe you didn’t knit the correct number of rows?

It is a seamed hat. I do mark the rows off as I knit them but maybe I miscounted. I will do the extra row as you suggested and see if it has an impact. Thanks for your assistance.

You’re welcome! I hope it works out! Make sure to post a photo when you’re done. :slight_smile: