RS keeps switching even though I'm keeping track

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To anyone who can help me with this, I will be your friend for life! I miss knitting sooooooo much but can’t continue till I figure out this problem.

I do make sure that the same side (tail side) is facing me every single time I start a new row.
But . . . every so often what I wanted to show up on the opposite side, switches!

I didn’t have this problem when working with two individual needles, but only when I started using circular needles. NOTE: I am not knitting in the round, but rather just using the circular needles as I would individual ones (for a flat project).

Thanks so much

The easiest way to keep track of the RS from the WS is to put a safety pin, stitch marker or a piece of scrap yarn to mark which side is which. It shouldn’t make any difference whether you use straight needles or circular when working a flat piece of knitting - you work along the row of stitches, turn, then work back!!
When you say you make sure that the tail side is facing you every single time you start a new row, I’m not quite sure what you mean. Depending on which cast on you’ve used the tail will be either to the left or right of the row -but definitely at one end; say it’s to the left hand side of the needle and say you knit that first row, when you turn :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: to carry on, the tail will now be to the right hand side of the needle.

@notknittingknots Thanks so much for your reply – this was my first post ever and you’re the first one to reply . . I’ll always remember you. :blush:

Since I posted my question, I tried to move on to doing other things (reading, studying, cleaning the house . . .) but I just couldn’t let it go so experimented and figured out what I had been doing wrong!!!
YAY! :tada: :confetti_ball: :star_struck:

Here it is: while doing stockinette, when starting each new row, I had been making sure that the side with the safety pin was facing me.

I guess what I figured out now, is that when doing stock, right side should be facing you on the knit rows, and wrong side facing you on the purled rows.

[I have no idea why my old way of doing it worked on the mittens I made with two regular bamboo needles . . . :thinking: ]

Does that seem correct?

PS I’m sooooooooooo excited to have found this knitting forum. I just started learning and have finished a pair of fingerless mittens. I took a first class one hour several times 20 years ago, each ending in a few inches of knitted rows. But now I have actually completed a project + gave them to my mom as a present + she actually loves them a lot!

Hugs, Maytal :penguin:


This is correct :grinning:
When you are knitting stocking stitch ( stockinette, the right knit side (RS) is the side that looks like VVVVVVVV’s and the wrong purl side (WS) looks like little bumps or dashes - - - - - - -
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