(RS) and (WS)

What do I do when it says (RS) and (WS) ? I am guessing it is right side and wrong side. I am also guessing that when knitting I am normally on the right side. How do I do (WS) ?

Yes, RS is right side and WS is wrong side. The right side is the side that faces out, or the public side of an item like a sweater for example. The wrong side is the side that faces in or toward your body.

When a pattern says a row is WS or RS it’s just giving you information. You work the rows as given in a pattern. Sometimes a pattern may read ‘Row 2 and all WS rows’ to do such and such. When you knit flat, you work on both RS and WS rows because you turn. When you knit in the round, you’re only working on the RS.