RS and WS

Hello Everyone,
I am new to this site and new to knitting. I am trying a new pattern and just don’t understand what it means when it says “knit on RS, purl on WS”. Can anyone explain this to me?
Thanks so much!

The RS is the right side, and the WS in the wrong side. So you knit all of the stitches in the rows on the right side, and purl all of the sts on the wrong side. This will give you all "v"s on the right side, and all little bumps on the wrong side, otherwise known as “stockinette” or “stocking” stitch. Not sure which is the right or wrong side?-- then in the first row of your work, knit all of the stitches, and in the 2nd row, purl all of the sts, and in the 3rd row, knit all of your sts, and in the 4th row, purl all of the sts. There-- now you have a right side and a wrong side.:slight_smile:

The “RS” (right side) is the side that will face the public- the ‘outside’ of a garment, for example. “WS” (wrong side) is the opposite side. Your directions are telling you how to do stockinette stitch, which shows all knit stitches on the RS (stitches that look like “v”) and all purl stitches on the WS (look like “-”). In flat, back and forth knitting, you accomplish this by knitting when the RS is facing you, and purling when the WS is facing you. Make sense? :slight_smile:

Welcome to the board, and to knitting! :slight_smile: