I didn’t realize that you were in Alberta. I am also in Alberta… Calgary to be exact. Are you anywhere near me?? I am just amazed because I belong to about 3 online forums and no one is ever remotely near where I am :slight_smile:

Anyway, loved the Nina sweater and just wanted to say hi.


p.s. How are you enjoying the weather?? LOL.

Hi Trish,

I’m in Edmonton actually…and no, I’m not enjoying the weather but it makes for good sweater-wearing weather…LOL! It’s supposed to get down to -30 end of the week here.

It’s cool to find knitters near you isn’t it? I’m moving to Toronto in April though…after being in Alberta for almost 14 years…

Nice to meet you!


Hey that’s really cool 'cos I grew up in a town called Cochrane (near Calgary) then went to college in Edmonton! I am finally coming home for a visit in August and I can’t wait!

Oh, I guess I should explain, I’ve been living in Dublin for the past 4 and a half years!

How’re my old cities doing at any rate?

sniff I miss Calgary… I lived there for two summers in the late 90’s, near the SouthCentre mall. I LOVED being able to drive over to Banff or down to Frank’s slide… Maybe we can move back one day… if only you didn’t have to plug your car in during the winter. :smiley:

Not originally from the northern parts of Canada, I was quite baffled when I saw outlets in parking lots (not having a car). My first parking lots being at the university that I just arrived to right before frosh week. I had seen a picture of a guy using an outlet to shave, so I had thought, “Wow, this university must really make life convenient for students.” :oops: Then I heard someone explain that they were for plugging in your car and I still didn’t understand why someone would want to plug in their car.

I have learned much since then. They should give out degrees for all the other stuff you learn at university…