Rowing Out

Okay, I tried to solve the rowing out with the solution of knitting with 2 different size needles and that seems to do the trick. My only concern now is how does this effect gauge. Does anyone know.

It may make your row gauge a bit different since they will be more even. As long as you are getting the fabric you want just measure the gauge and go with what you need to do with your two different size needles.

Row gauge isn’t quite as big a concern as getting the stitch gauge right. Most patterns have you knitting for X inches, and for shaping using decs and/or incs it shouldn’t be off too much to be concerned about.

You might find this blog post interesting. After you read this click on where she says swatching and it shows some results and how she decided to handle it.

Yeah, I actually believe this is the same blog where I found out about using different needle sizes. I sure hate to take the easy way out. I want to become a pro at knitting and think it probably will be best to re-learn knitting to get a perm fix, but for now this will do in a pinch. thx.

With more experience your tension may even out and it may not be a problem anymore.