Rowan's sweater pattern question

Hi, how are you? I’m doing my first sweater with a Rowan’s pattern. I am close to start the armholes, and the pattern says this “Back should meas approx. 50.5 [51.5; 52,5; 53,5; 54,5] cm, allowing first few rows to roll to RS”.

I have some questions: should I mesure from the bottom of the knitting to the needle to check if it measure 50.5? What happens if it measure more or less that what it should? what it means “allowing firs few rows to roll to RS”?


Welcome to the forum!
What is the name of the pattern?
It’s knit in a stitch pattern, likely stockinette, that will curl. Let the bottom few rows curl and measure from the curled edge to the needles for the back length. The measurement doesn’t have to be exact but the back and front should probably be equal. If it’s short of 50.5cm, knit more rows until you reach that length.

Hi Salmonmac, thank you for guide!

The pattern is the “Minn”, it’s in a Rowan small magazine of 2013. It curls, so I will do as you say, I think tomorrow (hopefully tonight) I will check it (I have a few rows left to knit).

“Allowing first few rows to roll to RS” means that I might have to knit more rows and I have to end with RS facing for next row?


I don’t know how many rows more you’ll have to knit to account for the curl. It’s not going to be all that much curl because this is a sweater. You’ll definitely have to knit more rows than measuring from the cast on.
Does your pattern say to end with the RS facing? If so, then finish on a WS row so that the next sts would go on the RS.