Rowan's Rosie Poncho

I’m new to this forum - need to formally introduce myself! But I’ve been knitting for a couple of weeks now and wanted to move on to something more interesting than a scarf. I picked up Rowan’s Rosie Poncho to make for my 6 year old. I was wondering if anyone else has knitted this and if so if it’s pretty true to size or if it runs a little bit larger. I’ve heard that some of their patterns run large. I don’t know whether or not to make the 4-7 year old size or the 8-11 size.

Thanks for your help! This is such a GREAT site!


Hi Christy! :waving:

I’ve never tried that pattern myself, so I can’t help, but I did want to say, “Welcome to the forum!” :smiley:

Thanks Sandy! I appreciate the welcome!