Rowan Trent Pattern

I am having a problem about the Rowan pattern I purchased. I have the back done and almost finished the front. When I went to check on the neck instructions there was none. I went back to the web site and all it said was to join seams with a mattress stitch and follow info instructions. But there aren’t any. The back and front are the same with 24 stitches that are bound off in pattern. It looks like there should be a few rows of neck to have a more finished look. Has anyone made this sweater. Please help

Is this the pattern? There is another Martin Storey adult pattern for Rowan.
It may help to get in touch with Rowan. Tell them that you bought the pattern and may be missing a page of Finishing instructions.
This is from the website:
“Every Rowan pattern is triple checked to ensure success. However, we are human and very occasionally an error might slip through. If you’ve spotted one, please email with details of the design name and what you think is wrong.”

If this is your pattern it looks like there is no neck shaping.

The baby’s pattern is darling.