Rowan Tapestry Sale!

:cheering: :cheering:

DAMMIT!!! I’m on a yarn diet Ingy!!! Why do you tempt me???

I don’t want to be alone. :twisted:

:shrug: Well, I always say “whatever I can do for a friend in need” …

You’re so altruistic! :muah:

You WEREN’T supposed to tell me! I put a big notice up… if there are any super amazing sales, don’t tell me! But did you listen? :fingerwag:

I will be STRONG! I still have 3 boxes of yarn sitting here waiting to be put away… :aww:

Ok… I need to back AWAY from the computer… :out:

Mama Bear

Five Dollars?!?! :thud:
Man…I just spent sooooo much money on yarn for my birthday. I wish I had some self-control so I could buy online sale yarn and wait long enough for it to arrive, but I’m an instant gratification kinda girl :teehee: .

How do you all find these sales everywhere?

This one fell into my mailbox. I swore I was done buying yarn for a loooong time.

NOW I’m done buying yarn for a long time. Starting NOW. Really.

Liar, liar–pants on fire! :teehee: :roflhard:
Besides if you don’t buy yarn, how will we knit and stash vicariously by looking all your gorgeous pictures???:notworthy: :hug:

:figureditout: I’m providing a Public Service!!!1 :cheering: :cheering:

And Mamabear–I’m sorry. I had to post after all the comments in my blog about this yummy stuff.

But I know you’d hate it. It’s really awful. Really–not your type at all.