Rowan Studio Issue 17 (I want it!) (but I can't afford it)

I was in my lys yesterday and stumbled across this little black book, rowan Studio issue 17. There are some fantastic little numbers in there!!! Really different and simple at the same time. Darn I cannot afford these books! I hate that! I did buy mano del uruguay on sale though for the very first time wow and got 7 skeins even though I can’t afford that either. Just had to buy that manos, I never ever buy manos, one skein so far in my life. $6.48 a skein, 50% off!!!:cheering:

The Yarn company here in New york has a summer sale each year, ends Saturday… (but there was hardly any more Manos left, about 8 skeins…)

You might try looking for the pattern book on ebay. And Ravelry has a group to trade or sell pattern books.

Jimmy Beans has it for sale for $15.50

Thanks much! I’ll try both places.

geez, suzieq, I’ve been searching on Ravelry for a half hour and can’t find that group. I found one group that swaps (maybe that’s it) but no one has visited it for years. ha. I posted anyhow.

It’s this one -

thanks sue, don’t know why I couldn’t find that! appreciate it!