Rowan "Soleil" knitted tank

Has anyone made this top? I am at the point in the pattern where I need to divide for neck. This is new to me and I don’t quite understand how to do it. Any help greatly appreciated.

How is it written? Generally you would either BO or place the middle sts on a holder and work both shoulders with separate strands of yarn, either one at a time or both at once. Or if it has a V neck you may only BO 1 or 2 sts and dec at the neck edge as well as at the armhole edge.

It is written like this: 53 sts. Divide for neck
Next row-K2tog, K18, turn and work this side first.
Next row-P to last 2 sts, P2tog. 18 sts. Dec1 st at armhole edge in next 5 rows, then 2 foll alt rows at the same time dec 1 st at neck edge in next 2 rows, then 2 foll alt rows, then foll 4th row. 5 sts. Dec 1 st at armhole edge only in foll 4th row. 5 sts. Cont straight until armhole meas 12.5cm, ending with RS facing for next row. Leave rem 5 sts on a stitch holder. With RS facing rejoin yarn to rem 33 sts, cast off centre 13 sts, K to end. Complete to match first side reversing shapings.

Just do it exactly as written.
K2tog, k18, turn and leave the rest of the sts. Then purl to the end of the row, p2tog. Turn and Dec (k2tog) at the armhole edge (beg of row on the RS, end of row on the WS) over the next 5 rows and every other row twice, then on the 4th row.

Beginning with this 3rd row, you [B]also[/B] dec at the neck edge (end of the RS row, beg of WS row) on the next 2 rows, then every other row twice, then the 4th row after that. Then work straight to finish the shoulder.

For the other shoulder, you do the same thing really, just follow along for neck edge and shoulder edge only on RS rows the neck is the beg of the row and the armhole edge is the end of the row. And reversed for WS rows - the beg of row is the armhole and the end of the edge is the neck.

Thanks so much. I will give it a try.

OK, I have decreased at the beg of the K rows and the end of the P rows for the next 5 rows. Now what? I now have 12 sts.

You should have a whole lot less than that. When you’ve reached the end of the decs there’s supposed to be only 5 sts I think. Did you dec at the neck edge too?

Okay, first row, dec at armhole edge k18, (19 sts)
R 2, p17, dec (18 sts)
R 3, dec, k 14, dec (16 sts)
R4 - dec, p12, dec (14 sts)
R 5 - dec k10, (11 sts)
R 6 - dec p 8, dec (10 sts)
R7 - dec, k8, (9 sts)
R 8 - p9
R 9 - dec, k 5, dec (7 sts)
R 10 - p 7
R 11 - k5, dec (6 sts)
R12 - p 6
R 13 - dec, k4 (5 sts)

AT THE SAME TIME means that you do different things to both ends of the row.

After the 1 decrease on R5 wouldn’t there be (13sts)? OMG my brain is fried!

By the way I was doing it wrong. I ripped out and started over. Your rewrite of the instructions…so much easier.

Yeah, there should be, I moved one of the decs to the next row and decreased sts there but forgot to change the R 5 stitch count.

So, beg with 14 sts after R 4 it’s -
R 5 - dec k12, (13 sts)
R 6 - dec p 9, dec (11sts)
R7 - dec, k9, (10 sts)
R 8 - p10
R 9 - dec, k 6, dec (8 sts)
R 10 - p 8
R 11 - k6, dec (7 sts)
R12 - p 7
R 13 - dec, k5 (6 sts)
R 14 - throw in a dec on one end or the other to end up with 5 sts, I lost track of where it should go… :teehee: You would have 10 decs at the armhole edge and 5 decs at the neck edge.