Rowan patterns

Hi everyone🌷, I am new to this forum and would loooove some help.
I can knit a bit (shawls, socks, topdown sweaters) but want to start my first Rowan pattern.
I want to make a vest for my husband, he is in 2 sizes, chest XL, waist XXL. The vest is knitted in pieces from bottom up.
Question 1:Do I start with the vest in the largest size and around the chest decrease up to the XL size or how to go about it…? Would love some help, Rowan patterns are so beautiful.

I also am looking for a cardigan in pieces for myself and have read the instructions but dont understand a row at all…

What do I have to do in this row if I want to knit the 1 before last size?

I hope somebody can help me so I can start this journey,

Thank you in advance.


Welcome to KH!
It may be possible to decrease gradually from the waist up to the chest depending on how many sts would need to be decreased.

For your cardigan, patt or pattern means to work in the pattern stitch. This could be rib or some other pattern.
Patt 4, (p2tog) 3 times, patt3, (p2tog) twice, patt 2 [(p2tog) 3 times, patt 3, (p2tog) twice, patt2] repeat the directions in brackets until you get to the last 11sts, then (p2tog) 3 times, patt 5.
The stitch total is 142sts.
You’ll work the repeat in brackets 12 times total.

What is the name of the cardigan pattern?

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Hi Salmonmac,
Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out.
I am planning the Whelk from Rowan mag 61 for my husband and Skylark from Rowan for myself.

Oh, nice! Enjoy working each one.

Thank you!!

Me again :frowning:
When it says increase at each end of #round which increase do they want?
kfb, m1l, m1r, backward loop? and if kfb on which then, on the first or second.
The knitting is ok for me but to read and understand is more challenging…

If the pattern doesn’t recommend an increase (and sometimes even if it does) you can use your favorite inc. I like KLL, KRL (knit left loop, knit right loop) (see 3:00min):

What pattern is this for?

It is for the Skylark by Martin Storey (Rowan)

Wow, that is a good video. great info.

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