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I’ve started knitting a pattern from Sand No5 by Kim Hargreaves. It is a cable knit jumper but I am a bit confused with the pattern!


I have completed the ribbing and am onto row 5 of the pattern now which says “patt to within 24 sts of first marker” I understand this means to follow the pattern which it has said is made up the first 4 rows. In the first row you M1 however later on when looking at how many stitches you should have it wouldn’t make sense to make 1 every 4 rows. However if I ignore that and purl 1 instead I don’t think it would create the correct knitting pattern for the centre panel.

Does anyone have any advice or guidance on what this might mean?
Sorry it’s quite hard to explain!

Thank you

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The last 14 rows make up the cable pattern: Rows 1-4, 5,6 and then a repeat of rows 5 & 6 times 4.

Then the pattern goes on to the Next Row where there are two M1. The instructions are to repeat the M1 increases every 14 rows for the given number of times for your size.

Hi, thanks for this! I think I’m confused what you do for row 5 and 6 then as it just says patt.
I thought this meant to repeat part of the pattern from row 1 which included the M1?
Is the centre just k1 p1 18 times for 2 rows and then p1 k1 18 times for 2 rows?

Repeat part of row 1 but not including the M1. Only work up to the marker. So for row 5 work in the pattern stitch p3, [(k2p2) x4]. That’ll take you to 24sts before the marker. Then follow the instructions as given in row 5 for the cable and it’s accompanying twist and purl sts. For the center panel continue the pattern without the M1. Yes, work the 18 k1p1 sts.

For row 6, work across the back of the row following the directions.

The next directions do have you working M1 increases at the center panel every 14th row.

Ahh I see!
Thank you so much!

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