Rowan pattern Selene using creative linen



Hi, I’m new to this, and pretty much new to knitting. I’ve come unstuck on the above pattern almost as soon as I’ve started. Instructions for the left front say on line 5, to Dec 1 st at beg of next [next: 5th: 9th: 11th] and 4 foll 6th rows . This for my size should reduce number of stitches from 52 to 47. I admit my maths is not perfect, but I make that a total of 8 stitches to be decreased which would leave me with 44 st. Where am I going wrong?

I’m finding it quite a challenge with this creative linen yarn as it doesn’t stretch.

Many thanks


Welcome to the forum and to knitting!
Decrease at the beg of the row given for your size: next [next: 5th: 9th: 11th]. That’s one stitch decreased.
Then decrease on the 6th following row 4 times. That’s 4 sts decreased or a total of 5 sts decreased.
Which size are you making?


Hi there

Thank you so much for taking the trouble to enlighten me. I feel such an idiot. It’s all clear to me now and I can carry on blundering my way through the pattern, which incidentally is a different cardigan to the one illustrated. Mine is by Rowan and intended for creative linen yarn.

Once again, I’m very grateful.




Yours was a good question.
Ask here anytime. It helps to have someone else look at a pattern or sometimes even to read the pattern aloud.