Rowan Pattern: possible to knit from a crochet pattern?

I just bought the Rowan “Big Just Got Bigger Book” (I love the patterns they have). There is a corset/belt pattern “Wanda” which is the reason I bought it.

Well I must have been too excited making the belt…and it’s actually a crochet pattern! :doh:

Is it possible (or worth trying) to knit. It [/i]appears to be simple, but I am still new at knitting.

Is there a pic of it anywhere?

I justed scanned it. Here it is.

Cat, that’s just a RECTANGLE! You can knit that with any old stitch pattern! Then lace the ribbon between the sts on the ends…

Check THIS website for different stitch patterns.


Thanks for the link.

I think the only thing I’ll have to work out is the little decrease at the middle.

Might you be able to accomplish that kind of cinching by adjusting the tension on the ribbons?

OR, knit the piece from top to bottom (instead of the side-to-side that I had been imagining) and in your middle row(s), k2tog every other or third st, depending on how much of a decrease you want…then increase back to the number of sts you started with to finish the rest.

Its hard to see what decrease method they used…black yarn doesnt show up very well in pics.

I was thinking of another option for the edge that would allow easy lacing of the ribbons…start each (or maybe every 4th) row with a k2, yo, k2tog.