Rowan Pattern Help

I’m knitting my first Rowan pattern and notice that there is no selvedge edge written into the pattern related to knitting the front and back of a sweater: “Passion” pattern published in Book 50. Does anyone know if all Rowan patterns assume that you are adding a selvedge edge, or is it best to knit the pattern as written? I noticed a comment on Ravelry that by not adding the selvedge edge that the sweater would [I]definitely[/I] not hang correctly. I’d hate to knit the whole sweater to find out it’s not wearable! thanks for anyone’s advice on the matter!!!

P.S. I’ve checked errata through Rowan and they list no pattern changes to this particular pattern.

It looks like for the body of the sweater, each size except the large and the small essecntially has edge sts, that is sts in either knit or purl that will make it easy to seam. For the large or small, you could add a selvedge st without a problem, just remember that it’s added on and not accounted for in the pattern when you come to bind off for armholes or shoulders. For the other sizes you should be ok, but I don’t see that an extra selvedge st would hurt if you’d like to add one in.

Is this the pattern?

If so then it’s seamed so you don’t need a special selvage edge. Seaming is best done without it.