Rowan / Marie Wallin “Athena” Pattern - please help

I’m currently knitting Athena by Marie Wallin in Rowan All Seasons Chunky.

I’m really struggling with this section and would like to know if I am to increase at both the beginning of the knit and purl rows…I’ve only ever increased on knit rows.

“Cast on 4 sets at beg of next 2 rows, then 5 sets at beg of roll 2 rows, then 13 sets at beg of roll 2 rows, taking cast-on sets into st st.” (109 sts total)

I’ve already ripped back a ton because casting on at the beginning of each purl row just didn’t look right to me…

I have 65 sts on my needles currently and there should be a total of 44 cast on sts once the instructions have been followed….the math works out and I think It should be 22 sts cast on each side.

If I am to increase on the purl rows, is there a specific type of cast on I should use when on a purl row? I think I was doing PFB to increase on a purl row if I remember correctly.

Many thanks,

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Two of the best cast ons are the knit cast on and the cable cast on. They give you a nice edge that isn’t too tight. I use either one on knit and purl rows. A KFB or PFB (knit front and back or purl front and back) are fine for a single increase but you need a good cast on in this case. Here’s a video for the knit cast on at the beginning of a row. For your instructions, cast on, work to the end of the row, turn and cast on again.