Rowan Knitting magazine front cover pattern!

Hi! Wow, this is an incredible pattern:

It certainly is an expensive magazine however. That is a dress actually, sort of dress, but it’d look great as a top. I did a search for similar patterns but didn’t see anything out there that is this beautiful.

Does anybody pay $20 for a magazine!? Geesh.

My friend has over half of their mags. I haven’t had a chance to look through this one yet though. Pattern looks so pretty.

you can view all the patterns at their website. Here’s the link for their latest mag: Mag 27

Ok, thanks a lot!!! Now I HAVE to spend $20 on the book. Too many patterns I’m :drool: over… :smiley:

Oh my…generally I think that knit purses are pretty fug, but that Heirloom Purse is making me cry with lust. I may just see if anyone at my knitting group tonight likes something else, and then split the magazine with them. :lol: (or maybe my library carries it…hmmmm…)

Their yarns are also a wee pricey, eh?

Is that like “fugly” or something different?

fug… fugly… it’s a real shame when we have to shorten our slang… :rofling:

Thanks belderaan… I forgot to come back here! Yeah, I joined their site but you can’t get at the patterns of course unless you buy the magazine. (it’s not even a BOOK) But after looking through their patterns due to you, I see they are FABULOUS, most of them.

A day will come… ha ha, when we can just look at that pattern and make it ourselves!

I like the little purple poncho with the flower. It’s little and interesting.

Hmmmm. Oh, btw, if you sign up for their, Rowan’s, newsletter they send you a free pattern which wasn’t bad.

I wonder if it’s a pattern that’s already published in one of their mags…Think I’ll check it out. I have a big list of items to knit from Rowan. Someday when I can make sweaters, someday…

Haha, did I have an influence on you Vic?? :heart:

yeah yeah! you did belda… (what is this name from?!)

Now I want to subscribe to the darn thing and it’s outrageously expensive. Those patterns in there are super.
Oh, btw, I posted Rowan will send a free pattern if you sign up with their newsletter but I got … confused. It was a
Tahki yarn site.


Beldaraan is my alias for everything. It’s from a book series called The Belgariad by David Eddings. The characters real name is Beldaran. I started using it years ago for a computer game and it wouldn’t let me use the real name, so I stuck in an extra “a” near the end.

That’s very cool Belderaaaaaan. I love to find out meanings of names. Liiterary eh? thanks, V.