Rowan Kidsilk Question

Ok I’ve started my project using this material. As of now I’ve started over 6 times because I’m not use to such thin yarn. Plus it looks a bit “hairy” and messy. Any tricks I should know about when using this yarn?

It doesn’t like being ripped out much. I’ve heard that it’s easier if you put it in the freezer first, that way the fuzzy hairs don’t stick to each other as much.

Oh I’ll try that thanks.

Are there any other tips to using this yarn? I keep having to start over because the stitches are dropping so easily and when I try to pick them up it’s so thin I make a bigger mess :-). I’m trying hard to go very slow and it’s still not working out well.

Just look for any tips.

It may help to use wood needles instead of metal ones, they grab the yarn better. How are you dropping them, what are you making?