Rowan Kid Classic Scarf Pattern Gauge

[color=indigo]I managed to learn to do the cross-over stitch pattern demo’ed on Thursday’s Knitty Gritty show!
Am I proud and happy?!?!

D/l’ed the pattern, which calls for Rowan Kid Classic (3 balls) to make the scarf on size 11 needles. Rowan website yarn blurb says gauge is 18 sts/4 in on size 8-9 needles.

Pattern calls for CO 24 sts to make 4" wide scarf on size 11s. :?? Hmmm.

I’ve never used ro even seen Kid Classic. I would like to knit this on larger needles if it won’t break the pattern. Anyone ever knit Kid Classic on needles larger than US 11s? How did it turn out? If I used larger needles, might I need only 2 balls of yarn?

:shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: [/color]

If you use larger needles and a few less stitches, you might be able to get away with less yarn. How much yardage in each ball and what’s the stitch repeat in the pattern?


[color=indigo]Rowan Classic has 152 yds/ball. Stitch pattern calls for bands of the cross-over stitch at each end (yarn-intensive, I’d say); the rest would be the garter eyelet stitch.

I want to know about the yarn reqs cuz I have to order thru iNet, and don’t need another singleton yarn ball. :teehee: [/color]

That’s 300 yards then and you’d be able to get a scarf from that. I asked about the number of sts in the pattern repeat because then you’ll know how many less to CO if you want to use less than 24.