Rowan books

does anyone know of a site where you can see what patterns are included in each of the Rowan books? i know that you can only see the covers on Rowan’s official site.

Dream Weaver yarns shows some of the patterns in the Rowan books (but not all). Royal Yarns seems to have an even better selection


I know this probably isn’t a book you want, but if you go to this site it shows some of the patterns, all you need to do is type the name of the book in the search.

thanks cftwo and Nobones! :muah:

[SIZE=“1”]Nobones, that book just got itself added to my list. you’re such an enabler! :teehee:[/SIZE]

Hi’ya Colleen! :waving: Thanks for the GREAT LINK! I signed up to be on their email list! What a great website! Thanks again! :muah:

You can see all the patterns from Rowan’s book on Rowan’s official site. It isn’t the most efficient way because you can only see one pattern at a time, but you can see them all. Do this:
Google "rowan yarns"
From the Google results (top hit) select the sub link for Magazines
Select which magazine you want
The patterns in each magazine are divided into sections, so scroll down, select a section and all the patterns for that section will be shown, one pattern at a time.

Lady V, that’s the book the dressing gown came from and I’ve made the beaded caplet for my swap partner Boston Becca. It’s a lovely book and I will be making more items from it.