Rowan Books #34 and #40

I would like to have a copy of two Rowan patterns but can’t afford to buy two books just to get the two patterns…The books are Rowan # 34 for the Birch shawl and Rowan #40 for the Juno sweater. Does anyone have used copies to sell?

darn. It’s too bad you didn’t post this a few days ago, as I put my Rowan 40 up on ebay. You should bid though, or use BIN, cuz no one else has bid yet. :shrug:

You could look at They have Rowan books and sometimes mark them down to clearance price.

Just went on ebay and bid…Thanks.

Thanks. It makes me feel better about myself. I have 3 things up for sale and a bunch of people “watching” but no bidding. Don’t they know that I am poor?

It’s too bad I didn’t know that you wanted this a few days before, I would’ve just sold it to you on the swap board.