Rowan Biggy Print Yarn

Hi, newbie trying to decide on a project…

In one of my knitting books there is a pattern for a cute poncho. Only requires a stockinette stitch, breaking and binding off.

The pattern calls for using Rowan Biggy Print yarn and Rowan Handknit Cotton. Looking on-line, it seems these yarns are from England. The Rowan Biggy Print yarn is HUGE lookin’. Requires size #35 needles.

Any thoughts on this type of yarn? Is bigger, thicker yarn easier or harder to work with?

I’ve knitted a sweater with Biggy Print. It has thick and thin texture and i knit on 20mm needles. It is easier than 2mm, of course, but using needles that big is awkward sometimes. It’s soft, but heavy…
Hope that helps…

I tried making a tank top in Rowan Biggy Print, it was the second thing I ever tried to make. It was a disaster, I found it so hard to work with I ended up frogging it and giving it to a friend.

Now I’ve got a couple more things under my belt I’ll try again at some point. I’d recommend making sure you are dong stocking without mistakes and you are keeping your tension the same through a project. If you are doing that then maybe be brave and give it a go. Post piccies if you do!

I made a poncho a couple of years with Biggy Print. It is one of my favorite things I ever made. Everytime I wear it I get tons of compliments. I think it was knit on a US 15 needle.