Rowan Biggy Print Yarn?

[color=darkblue]Has anyone here worked with Rowan Biggy Print yarn? Per Rowan, t’s gauged at 1.5sts/in on US size 35 needles. (Sawed-off broomsticks methinks or perhaps martial arts num-chucks if knitting Continental style.)

The yarn looks beautiful, but is it soft? How might it serve in a open, airy pattern scarf suitable for, say, a year-round evening wrap? I guess I am asking if it’s too heavy, too bulky, or too wooly for anything other than a mid-winter al fresco dinner on the terrace at the Frozen Tundra Hyatt. :smiley:

Happy Holidays to All,


i don’t want to discourage your use of biggy print, but i think it’s only good for certain items. i’m working on a sweater with biggy print yarn right now. it’s VERY thick and bulky…just working with it on my lap makes me so warm. the yarn is soft, but it’s also so softly spun that i’m afraid it’ll pill like crazy. to answer your question, i probably would only use biggy print for winter items or small projects. the sweater i’m making is so heavy and the seams are so thick that i might end up frogging it…maybe making it into a couple scarves instead. (a wrap might be too heavy) i made a capelet with it and i love it. since it’s small, and not a daily-use item it holds up well. knitting with US 35’s is not fun either. broomsticks is correct! (i have some images of the sweater in progress on my blog too)…hope this helps!

I’ve used the biggy print to make a scarf … it pills, it is soft. It was my first knitting project so my scarf is only stockingstitch - but it is lovely and warm in the winter. I imagine you would have to use HUGE needles to make it an airy scarf. I used 15mm needles if I remember correctly - not sure what the US equivalent is.

I love the yarn though and would like to get more of it but I think I am going to be buried under a mountain of scarves if I am not careful. :teehee:

[color=darkblue]Thanks for the detailed review. You answered all of my questions. I will look for a different extra bulky yarn.

So many yarns are truly beautiful yet impractical for many projects. Still . . . I have a friend who made a blanket with mohair on size 5 needles! It only took her about 11.8 years, and no matter what they say, she’s not totally blind. :teehee:

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