Rowan Big Easy Jay Pattern

Hi guys!
Am I glad I found this forum!!
I am knitting my first big project - the Jay top from the Rowan Big Easy Jay pattern!
However it says part way through to knit until it measures 32cm (large version) but by the time I get there mine already measures over 50 cm!!!
Can I check that when it says inc 1 st at each end of next and every foll 4th row (in st st) it means k (and inc at end) then p then k then p then k and inc at end again!!!
Please help!!!
Also when increasing and decresing on alternate rows it seems that you are doing this on the same side each time so it looks a bit lopsided!!
Help - newbie knitter confused!!! :oops: :blush:

Hmm … :thinking: If your piece is already over 50 cm by the time you get to that part of the pattern, my first thought is to re-evaluate your guage.

inc 1 st at each end of next and every foll 4th row (in st st)

I interpret that the same as you do…

-Knit row - inc @ end

  • (1st) purl row
  • (2nd) knit row
  • (3rd) purl row
  • (4th) knit - inc @ end

As far as the sleeve being lopsided … increasing on the same side does make it lopsided. I made Kyoto a while back and it required incs on the same side; it was the V-neck part so it made sense. What section are you working on now?

:smiley: thanks for your help :smiley:
I have now finished the front - does look a bit odd!!!
Will carry on now and repeat pattern for back :??
here is hoping :thinking:
:XX: :XX:

Good Luck!! :pray: :sunny: