Rowan 39

I fell in love with the “Rambling Rose” cardigan by Martin Storey from this publication, but it’s out of print. Does anyone have any other ideas where I could get the pattern, aside from buying a copy of Rowan 39 off of Amazon or eBay? Thanks in advance!

Rambling Rose is a beautiful design. I found errata for the pattern at the Rowan website. What about contacting Rowan to see if you can buy the pattern?

Thanks, I did try the Rowan web site and they had a lot of patterns in their database but I didn’t see that one. And the lady at my LYS had Rowan 38 but not Rowan 39. Bummer!

I may just have to resort to ordering the book on Amazon but at least I can get it.

If you have another LYS try them and also try the library. If you like the other patterns or just like to look the book is worth it.