Row in pattern don't understand

It is for leg warmers (baubled leggings) it is a bobble row:
row 3: Don’t understand:
k8, make bauble: (k1,p1,k1,p1 in one st) (turn, p4,turn, k4) 2times: pass sts 2,3,4 over 1st st,rep around*
what is pass sts 2,3,4 over 1st st where is this?
I tried this and it’s is wrong the bauble did not work out.
Thank you!

You knit 4 sts in one stitch. Turn and p those 4, turn and knit 4, turn and p4, turn and k4. Then you have 4 bobble sts on the right needle, pull the 2nd st over the end st, then the next st, then the 4th sts, sorta like you’re binding off. Now you’ll just have the 1 st on your needle, knit some more and make the next bobble.