Row counters

I have a few row counters, like the turn dial ones…But I want to get a clicker one. But I have no clue what they are called and never seen them in wal-mart in the knitting section. Any clue what they are called and where they might be in a store?


I think of them as row counters or tally counters. There’s one kind here but you should be able to find them in the knitting supplies at your favorite hobby or craft store.

I like the Kacha-Kacha row counters. I bought the Nancy’s Knit Knacks electronic row counter one time…but the doggone thing was so glitchy. When it worked, it was great. Bummer. Then the battery went dead as a doornail for the 2nd time. What a piece of doo-doo. And expensive, too. That’s what’s so aggravating.

Recently, I downloaded a Row Counter (free) from Google Play Market into my Android Smartphone. Yeah, there’s more than one way to skin a cat, eh? It really works great, too! It won’t “time out” either.

My problem with row counters is remembering to use them and wondering whether I did. I will sometimes just use a pencil and paper, but most often for things like cables now I use jump ring marker chains. Here’s a thread I started a while back with pics and how to use them.

I like the Kacha-kacha counters, too. You might want to get the little green one if you’re going to carry it in your knitting bag. It has a lock on it so that it can’t advance when it gets bumped. The red rectangular one is just fine for use at home, IMO. Art lady, thanks for the info on the row counter app. I would never have thought to look for one. I have Android, but I’ll have to check for an Android app. Good idea!