Row counters

Thanks to momwolf for the inspiration and Hobby Lobby for the numbered beads, I made myself this row counter, and put loops on two mechanical row counters I already had.

Ooh, I hadn’t seen the putting loops on the row counters themselves – what a really good idea! I made stitch markers and a place marker this morning of crystals and a coin pearl. I don’t normally use row counters because I forget to use them. Putting it IN the knitting is a great idea! The row counter may be next! Thanks for the inspiration!

They are beautiful, what a lovely idea. I am definitely going to copy them the ladies in my shop will love that! I cant really see the one you made yourself, can you explain how that would work? Please …

I took some Stretch Magic, bead and jewelry cord, twice the length that I ultimately wanted, and threaded it through a jump loop. Each end of the Stretch Magic threads through one side of the numbered bead, alternating sides as each bead goes on. I hope this makes sense. Think of a figure eight.

As each row gets knitted, you slide one bead down. Here’s where I got the idea for that:

I have been thinkig about these since I read about them yesterday. I’m going to get the stuff to make them right now. Thanks:)