Row Counters?

I got this idea from Chappy over at Socknitters yahoo group. I use it exclusively now for not only socks but for everything im knitting in the round. She refers to a pattern repeat, but I use it for any rows I need counting. I havent gotten to knit anything but in the round since I learned this but I would assume it would work much the same way for flat knitting…

Thanks Chappy!! :hug:

I used to use paper and pencil to keep track of how many rows or what row of the pattern I am on – NOT now!

Whenever I looked at the tv or got up for a snack/bathroom or it just the next day…I could never remember - did I just mark the row I finished or was it the row I was to start on.

Now, I usuallly knit my socks on dpns, but this works with circs and magic loop also. I use a very tiny lace knitting marker starting with row 1. After I knit the first stitch, on goes the marker. I know that I am on row 1 of my pattern. Everytime I come to the first dpn, I move my marker 1 stitch over to the left. It becomes very routine and easy!

Anytime I pick my knitting back up - all I have to do is count the stitches on the right side of the marker and I know that is what pattern row I am on. You never worry about did I or didn’t I mark my paper, etc. Very portable also.

My last socks had 16 pattern repeats and was so easy to keep track of. After I had 16 sts on the right side of my marker, I started over with stitch 1 again.

… sometime toes too! :roflhard:

I have some barrel style stitch counters (I think) but I haven’t used them (wondering now if I ever did buy them). :slight_smile:

I have clear plastic page protectors for the patterns I am currently working on. I use dry erase marker to note my place when I have to set it down. I tuck the pattern and the WIP into a bag (often a plastic shopping bag) until I get time to return to it and work (relax) some more.