Row Counters?

What do you guys use to keep track of the rows you knit? Is there one you would suggest over another? I currently have a tiny little counter that i twist every time I finish a row. I’m not a fan of it. Now that i am working on a pattern that requires me keeping track it seems to be more of a hassle than its worth.

Is it just me? Am I being silly?:teehee:


I have a couple of those barrel counters and like you find them to be a pain.

I picked up a Clover counter and really like it. I think I got it at Hobby Lobby. You can see it on this page

It’s the red one at bottom left.

I just take one of those little fat notebooks, and write out my rows…then when there is a variation, I use different symbols to highlight certain rows, like I will usually circle decreasing rows etc…

I used to just use little scraps of paper, but I got tired of trying to find them, or having little loose scraps floating around…

I like this better than a row counter because I can see my special notes on it…I know myself, and if I was doing things with a stitch counter, I would likely miss the rows I needed to do things too…smiles

I’m rather low tech, like Crycket. I use paper and pencil and if have decreases, increases, cable crosses, etc. I can make a notation of where it should occur. I like knowing where things should happen that way I know if I’m on track.

If you look again at the link that Knitting Guy posted… I have the Green one from Clover (that looks like a little frog). It is great!! It has a lock on it (which I don’t [I]think [/I]the red one has) that I love. I can just throw it in my knitting bag and I dont have to worry about the numbers getting changed. I also used a pad and pencil like some of the others have mentioned. But I LOVE my green clover counter. It’s great!!

No the red one has no lock. That’s the one thing I do not like about it. I keep a small notepad in my knitting pack and make a note of the reading on the counter prior to tossing it in the pack, just in case.

So far I’ve never had it accidentally change in the pack, but it could happen. A lock is a great idea.

Thanks guys,

Looks like I am getting a new counter and a little notepad. Lets see which will work better for me. :rofl:

Thanks again!!

I have learned how to count the rows and dont use a row counter. I do keep a pencil in with my knitting stuff and if need be I write what row I’m on on the pattern so I can remember.

Most of the stuff I’ve been knitting lately has been in inches so I havent had to get out my row counters.

When I’m doing something that requires row counting, I usually make tick marks on a piece of paper. But then I get into the zen of it all, wonder if I remembered to make a tick mark on the last row, and end up counting the vertical stitches anyway.

Hi! :waving:

Before I got my one-handed clicker-type little red row counter, I used coins!

I usually work at one end of our sofa and I have a little tray next to me. I’d put out some pennies on the tray and then move one over to the other side as I finished the row.

If you’ve got to count rows AND stitches, you could use nickels for one and pennies for the other.

And save your quarters for buying more yarn! :roflhard:

Hope this helps.

Happy knitting!

Ruthie :knitting:

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: Love this idea–thanks:roflhard:

Really it’s a personal preference… I have tired the things everyone else has suggested and that only one that really works every time for me is that one that you don’t like. But I don’t think you are being silly. I think you should use what works for you.

I’ve tried other row counters, but have devolved to post it pads. I can take the 11/2" by 2" and stick one on the pattern sheet and make my tick marks. I can also stick it so that it underlines the row in the chart I’m on or the line of the pattern I’m working. I can also make note of any changes I make that will be relevent further on in the project. I also use larger post its and if I change a pattern I can leave it stuck on the pattern so I have a reference if I decide to knit the pattern again.

Another row counter that works for me is the Susan Bates one. It’s a peg system where you move pegs from one numbered hole into another. It can keep track of several things at once, like rows, pattern rows, and increases and decreases. I use this instead of the small twist ones when I have to do shaping and patterning on a piece. Also, I keep it in a ziplock bag when not using to keep the pegs from falling off.

I just use a pencil and paper.

On many projects, I put in a lifeline every pattern repeat. It’s easier to count 8 rows (or whatever) than dozens after I’ve lost track or forgotten to put my tick mark down!


I take the row marker rings or those tiny hair rubber bands and link together a set number using tiny jump rings (for jewelry making). I make a set equal to the number of rows in a pattern repeat or a set of ten. I usually use all of the same color to know which end is which. Then I slip them on my needles after the first couple of stitches and move down the chain each row. I’ve also made loops out of a length of yarn and done the same.

I almost forgot-- I made a row counter bracelet for my niece. Here are some instructions.
I know there are other tutorials out there too…

I recently finished a sweater that had 4 different panel patterns - one was 22 rows, one 16 rows and the other 2 repeated every 6 rows.
To keep from going insane I made up a spread sheet program on my computer. Numbered 1 to 22 and copied that 8 times, then numbered 1 to 16 next to that and repeated to fill all the space, then numbered 1 to 6 and repeated that to fill in. As I finished each row I would cross it off the list. I’m very proud of the finished product.