Row counters for circs?

Is there anything I can use that attaches to the needles (that I am using as straights)? I liked them to remind me to increase without thinking.

I always forget to turn the little row counter thingy, anyway, so what I do when I have to remind myself to cable or decrease or whatever is this–I use a little loop of different-colored yarn and keep it at the beginning of the row. At the beginning of row one, I move in down the needle one st so I have my first st, my loop, then the next sts. Each time I come to it I move it up one, so for example, if I am doing the 6th row of the pattern I will move my loop so that there are 6 st to the right of it. If on the 6th row I have to DO something, I do it and then move the loop back to the beginning the next time through. You could have it going for the entire length of your work, I guess, but I’ve used it for repetitive things. For the rest I count rows afterwards. I started doing this on circs because it doesn’t get in the way, but now use it for most things. I hope that makes sense.

Mind you, this only works with increases every 5 rows or less, but last week I grabbed my daughter’s ponytail holder and put it on my little finger, then moved it down one finger every row…when it reached my thumb I knew I was on a decrease row. I found it less irriitating than a row conter.

And speaking of row counters, a few months ago I saw a row counter online that you put on the floor and tap with your foot. For the life of me I cannot find it again. Has anyone seen this? Or did I dream it??

i just broke down & bought an electronic row counter…LOVE IT!!!

If you did only dream it, it would be a great invention!

I didn’t know such a thing existed!

I like the peg one that Susan Bates sells.

:heart: LOVE it, I got it at knitpicks, it was a bit pricey, but when I saw it…knew it was just what I needed. You can choose to hang it around your neck or not, add or subtact with a touch of the finger; done very quickly & easily…the ones that go on the needles…just caused me more trouble than they were worth!! Mine paid for itself when I was 1/16 thru the afghan I did! No doubt about it. And I thought about it for a LONG, LOOONNNNGGG time bc it’s expensive…but I should have gotten when I 1st saw it…love it…did I say that?!

Well I was looking for more of something that I could just use to “mark” my needles with since I am knitting flat with circs. With my straights I have a row counter that attaches to the needle so I keep it on the left needle I know (with this certain pattern) “Oh left side… time to increase” and I can knit no brainier. I pondered marking the tip with a sharpie… but I settled for just actually paying attention to what I am doing :rollseyes:

I do think I need a real row counter though. I like the foot tap idea. - I think I have heard of them before so I don’t think you dreamed it :slight_smile: I tend to get preoccupied by knitting that I forget to turn the counter :oops:

well i have heard of people using different color needles for that kind of thing…but since you are working flat on circs i am not sure that would work that well.


what about just putting a stitch marker at the end of one needle?
I got a cool counter from knitpicks that hangs off the needle (link here, second one down ) . Since I finaally got my bead junk out of my car I’m going to make a bead counter bracelet eventually. Or you can do the M&M method of counting that I posted here