Row Confusion

This is my latest project, but I was just wondering…
It says to knit up to row 60 (that would be row 2 of the repeat) So after row 61 which is different, do I just restart the pattern repeat, or continue on row 3 of the repeat- I am a little confused and I want to make this right! (I am making the 0-3 month size)

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Keep up the repeat. Even though row 61 is an increase row, consider it a row 3, another knit row of the pattern repeat. Row 62 would be a purl row, a row 4 of the repeat and then the repeat starts over with a row 1.


Thanks! But I was also wondering, do you think I could add a stitch to join in round for the arm and leg holes and just knit on dpns? I am bad at seaming

Absolutely. I’ve often done that especially on baby clothes like the 5-hour baby sweater.

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Awesome, but now I am royally confused! since I am not knitting on flat anymore, I am just mixed up- so I added 2 extra stitches in row 92 (so I can cast off for joining together). On a flat needle, row 94 is purl, but in round it should be knit- right? If you could tell me the sequence of the following rows, it would be appreciated. I still need the ridges, but now that I am knitting in round- I just can’t seem to figure this out! Also, the last four rows, I am going to k1 p1 so that I have a nice rib for cuff- I thought it would be cuter.

The pattern knit flat has 3 rows in stockinette (rows 3,4,and 1) and one row of bumps (row 2) made by knitting on the wrong side row. Knitting in the round, rows 3,4 and 1 are knit and row 2 is purl. That’ll continue the pattern.

You’re going to knit the legs in the round which makes perfect sense. The extra sts for joining were on row 92, row 93 is knit 53sts then turn but you are going to join in the round.
Round 94 is a knit row. Round 95 is knit and round 96 is purl.

97 knit, 98 knit. 99 knit, 100 purl,
101 knit, 102 knit, 103 knit, 104 purl,
That pattern continues round 1 knit, round 2 purl, round 3, knit, round 4 knit.

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Thanks so much! Math in knitting just isn’t my thing- so I appreciate your help!

Glad to be able to help. It’ll be fun to see this romper when you finish. Enjoy!

This is frustrating me! I have done this a couple of times, but I keep having a hole- I am not sure why- it is where the seam would be and it I have knit it tightly to make sure that doesn’t happen, but am I doing something wrong? I was thinking of leaving an extra long tail and close the hole when I weave it in- would that work?

Nope, you’re not doing anything wrong. Darn the hole on the WS. Here’s a video about holes and what to do.
Closing a hole with no live stitch: 8:25

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The hole is where you’re joining to knit in the round? The very nice video that GG linked to will help close that up. You might also be able to use a technique similar to joining the brim of a hat in the round, overlapping 2sts at the join or exchanging the first and last sts of the round.

I got frustrated- so I knit it flat and will just have to seam it! On the flip side, I am almost finished!