Row 31: k18, k2tog, k17, k2tog, turn. 55sts

Hi. I am a beginner and I am working on my first ever project, a child’s hat. I have cast on 57 sts. The part I dont understand is what is the 55 sts referring to after the turn. It doesnt seem to be the remaining number of sts left as I counted it to be 16 sts.
Row 32: S1, p17, p2tog, turn. 54 sts

Can you tell us the name of the pattern and provide a link please? (Don’t post the whole pattern here it’s against copyright) All patterns are different so it’s hard to know what’s going on. It sounds like you might be doing short rows, but the pattern will help.

It is from a book I bought. A picture of it is here

This is just part of the pattern. Not the whole thing.

Is this the decrease section for the top? The k2tog are decreases so your stitch count will get smaller and based on what you’ve said the stitch count sounds right. Cast on 57 and the two decreases bring it to 55. However, I can’t really tell from all you’ve said and posted here what is going on. Please tell us the name of the pattern and book.

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The name of the book is “Monster Knits For Little Monsters” by Nuriya Khegay. After reading what your last post, it occured to me that maybe the 55 sts is referring to the total number of sts for that row. Since I started out with 57 sts minus 2 sts for the decrease, left with 55 sts.

Usually, when there’s a number of stitches after the row like that, it is indeed your stitch count. It really helps when you’re doing a lot of increases or decreases, because you can count and know you have it right.

Thanks for the confirmation!